Monday, 8 March 2010

Hello Stranger !!!

Where have I been I hear you ask!!!

Sorry to have been elusive but as those of you who have ever been involved with a European project will already know the final report writing is quite a bit of work.

So what is the big news since my last post? Robots and Son of ATVET. ATVET has spawned a potential spin off project Virtual Telecare Training Tool for Assited Living (ViTTAL) it involves condensing the learnng outcomes from the ATVET project and developing a new more focussed programme for installers of telecare and support workers specifically. Not very innovative I hear you say. Well, the innovation will be in delivering key elements of the content and capturing learning using Second Life. Participants will be able to carry out on site surveys and installations of telecare solutions in households that represent aspects of Northern, Southern and mid European climate, geography, architectural styles amongst other factors and be populated with virtual clients who present with symptoms of common long term conditions.
We have put together a strong pan European team and will find out if we are successful in July/August.

Robots; It appears as if they are the next big thing. As I have being banging on about in my sister blog robotsathereward there is a potential for robots to provide a major component of a disabled persons support package (not forgetting the human element of course).

I have decided that robots should now fall under the umbrella term of AT so they will be covered in this blog from now on.

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